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The Fremont County Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Science, Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Programs.

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Fremont County 4-H Market Livestock Sale

The Fremont County Livestock Sale committee meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the 4-H Building at 6:30 p.m.  They are in charge of our Livestock Sale at the Fremont County Fair each year.

Sale Committee

Ralph Kunselman – Chairman

Tami Ratkovich – Secretary

Mark Masar – Vice Chairman

Greg Van Riper

Gina Grisenti

Kathy Kunselman

Linda Valdez

Denise Faoro – Treasurer

Grant Ary

Thank you to all our 2020 Market Livestock Sale Buyers!

Why buy from the Fremont County Fair Market Livestock Sale?

The Fremont County Fair Market Livestock Sale benefits the area 4-Hers, who have spent months preparing their animals for the Fair and Sale. When you purchase an animal, you reward and recognize the 4-Hers’ efforts and dedication.

4-H helps its members develop lifelong skills. These skills come in the form of leadership, citizenship, responsibility and good sportsmanship. Another skill that is especially stressed among the Livestock Sale projects is money management. The Livestock Sale provides the 4-Her with money to put towards:

  • College
  • Investing in their own livestock herds
  • Recovering the costs of their project

Benefits to You and Your Business

Your business also benefits when you support Fremont County youth by attending the Sale and purchasing animals.

Advertising: By purchasing at least one animal, you will be recognized in all publicity materials and media coverage. Buyers also receive a complementary photo of the 4-Her and their animal to display in their business. The photos indicate to others your committment to Fremont County 4-H youth.

Community Service: When you participate in the Sale, you and your business are having a positive effect on the 4-H program, its members, families and volunteers.

Valuable Meat: When you purchase an animal at the Sale, you will save money when you compare the price per pound at the grocery store or meat market. The Fremont County Fair endorses and supports the Wholesome Meat Act and insists all members are in compliance.

What to Expect at the Sale

As a potential buyer you will receive an invitation to the Buyer’s Appreciation BBQ, held before the Sale. Enjoy dinner, entertainment and mingle with other local business leaders, the 4-H members and their families. Remember to register for your buyer number and pick up a Sale Order Sheet from the Sale Trailer. The Sale Order Sheet will list:

  • The 4-H members’ name
  • Their animal number
  • The animals’ weight
  • The floor price
  • The buy back price

To bid on an animal, just get the attention of one of the Auctioneers’ Ring Assistants or the Auctioneer. The highest bidder buys the animal.

Purchase Options

Option 1: Buyers may purchase an animal and choose to have it processed and prepared for their freezer. Buyers have the option to choose where the animal will be processed and a Fremont County Fair Livestock Sale Committee member will be available if buyers need assistance choosing a processor. If you choose the Fremont County Fair Livestock Sale Committee can arrange transportation of the animal to a facility for you. *If you purchase an animal you must make arrangements on where you want to have your animal processed before leaving the grounds. If you don’t do this, we will not be responsible for the animal.

Option 2: Buyers may also elect to consign an animal back to the Fremont County Fair Livestock Sale Committee for resale at an established price. As the buyer you would only pay the difference between what you bid and the buy back price. Once you purchase the animal and it has been consigned to the Fremont County Fair Livestock Sale Committee it cannot be given back to the exhibitor.

*Example: You bid $400 on a lamb and the lamb’s buy-back value is $200. You would pay $200.

Option 3: Join another business or individual in purchasing an animal and splitting the cost. With this option you can still choose to process or resell the animal. Co-op buying allows more animals to be purchased on any size budget.

We encourage all buyers to join the festivities of the Livestock Sale. Your presence is valuable and often there are opportunities for photographs by the media and more that you will need to be in attendance for.

If it is not possible for you to attend the sale, please contact one of the following people to purchase an animal in your name.

Ralph Kunselman : 719-275-3561
Mark Masar: 719-372-6933
Tami Ratkovich: 719-784-6070